Arid Zone Ecology Forum

A Non-Profit Organisation focused on research in the arid zone of southern Africa


Field trips will take place on the afternoon of Wednesday 7th October 2014.

Packed lunches will be provided.


1. Goegap waterfall hiking trail

Remember to bring comfortable walking shoes and water. No additional fees will be charged

2. Carolusberg 4X4 trail and climb

The trip should take approximately three hours to complete.  A fee of R120 will have to be paid per vehicle participating for the use of the 4X4 trail.

3. Striped mouse research at the Succulent Karoo Research Station (on Goegap Nature Reserve)

Limited to one group of 10 people. 

4. Conservation South Africa - Steinkopf commonage project

Visit Steinkopf commonage project - CSA working with farmers on rangeland rehabilitation through erosion control and revegetation experiments, and will be moving into livestock health and rangeland management.

5. Skilpad Wildflower Reserve (Namaqua National Park)