A non-profit organisation focused on research in the arid zone of southern Africa

AZEF 2013: Emerging Threats in the Arid Zone

Building knowledge and developing solutions Part II: Implications for management

3 - 5 September 2013, Kimberley

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Researchers from Botswana, Angola, Namibia, Germany, Australia, and of course from all over South Africa participated in this years forum. Participants also included 32 students came from 14 different universities.


This year our poster session took a different format, chaired by Prof Klaus Kellner.

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At the last moment this session was set up and we had very interesting presentations and interactions. We do sincerely hope there will be greater cooperation and sharing knowledge and expertise. A committee member will be responsible for the Farmers Portfolio to ensure closer cooperation.



  • Best Paper: Christiaan Harmse, North West University, Potchefstroom: “Bush encroachment and related mitigation actions in the Molopo savanna of South Africa: implications for grass composition, forage production and grazing capacity”.
  • Runner Up: Robbert Duker, Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University: “The effects of frost on Nama-Karoo and Thicket: Biome boundaries explored”.


  • Best Poster: Ms. Jamie Paulse, from University of the Western Cape: “The Impacts of Different Stocking Rates on Vegetation within the Three Peaks Conservancy in the Kamiesberg Uplands”.
  • Runner Up : Mr Luke Gallant, University of the Western Cape: “Can heuweltjies be used as indicators of veld condition and grazing capacities in semi-arid regions with winter rainfall?”


We enjoyed enthusiastic interaction with 10 x Grade 10 Learners and Sr. Marie Bernarde (from the Maths & Science Leadership Academy) who joined us for the day on the 4th to attend the various rehabilitation sessions, and then to go on two of the field trips. They were selected on their letters of motivation, and it was most rewarding to read their letters of motivation. Thanks to all who helped mentor them, particularly on the field trips.  This afternoon they have to do a report back, and it will be fascinating to hear their comments.


Outgoing chairperson: Clement Cupido, to whom we owe a huge debt of gratitude for seeing us through registration as an NPO. 

Incoming Chairperson: Christy Bragg. 

Further information regarding our committee will be circulated with the minutes from the AGM.


AZEF 2013 was sponsored by:

  • E Oppenheimer & Son and the Diamond Route
  • SAEON - Arid Lands Node
  • Namaqua Wines