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AZEF 2013 Presentations

**Please note that some authors have not made their presentations available for download** 

SESSION 1 - Animal Studies 

  • Mark Anderson: Bird conservation in South Africa: successes and challenges
  • Estee Prinsloo, Avenant, M.F. & Avenant, N.L: Using the Cape clawless otter as a potential indicator of environmental water requirements in non-perennial rivers
  • Marienne De Villiers, Fourie, A. & Harrison, J.A.: Wind energy and the bats of De Aar

SESSION 2 - Above and Below ground interactions I

SESSION 3 - Above and Below ground interactions II

Session 4 - Karoo Geology & Fracking

Session 5 – Climate Science

Session 6 - Alien Invasives

  • Ian Macdonald & Lee, J: Famine Weed Parthenium hysterophorus a rapidly emerging threat to southern Africa                
  • Haylee Kaplan and the National Cactus Working Group: Developing a national strategy for cactus management in South Africa
  • Travor Xivuri, Kaplan, H. & Jama, K: Survey and clearing of Cylindropuntia fulgida var. mamillata (boxing glove cactus) and CylindropuntiA pallida (thistle cholla)    

Session 7 - Rehabilitation Panel Discussion   

Session 8 - Rehabilitation Studies 

Session 9 - Farmers Session 

Session 10 - Environmental Management 

Session 11 - Monitoring and Change 

Session 12 - Veld and Grazing Management 

Session 13 - Okavango I 

Session 14 - Okavango II